UA library

The main library is located central part of the University Campus. The Library provides a pleasant environment for reading, study and research, accessible to the whole academic community, and contains a full range of the informational resources necessary to support these activities. Description of the library spaces:

ground floor (floor 1): administration
The ground floor houses the offices of the administrative and support services, the library stacks, and the reading room for items in storage. Overlooking the Aveiro lagoon there is a reading room with some 20 comfortable seats for the consultation of magazines and newspapers, as well as the latest bibliographic acquisitions.

first floor (floor 2): general
The main entry to the library is located on this floor, along with the Hélène de Beauvoir exhibition room, the cloakroom, and the general reading room. This room houses book and journal collections on open shelves in the areas of science and technology, sociology and planning, along with various reference works. There are also a number of individual study rooms, the copy centre, and a computer cluster with free internet access.

second floor (floor 3): humanities
Located on this floor is the Humanities reading room, which houses a large collection of books and journals on open shelves in the areas of languages and literatures, philosophy, history, music, film and television studies.
Also located on this floor are further individual study rooms as well as group study rooms for student use, a video viewing room, two rooms specially equipped for visually-impaired users, a sheet music room, and a storage room with audiovisual materials.

third floor (floor 4): advanced
The advanced reading room is located on this floor. It houses books and journals in health, science and technology for study and research purposes. This floor also contains a reading room for special collections as well as the special collections storage room – The American Corner, the European Documentation Centre -, and several individual study rooms.
The University’s special collections include: the Manuel do Reis collection (MR), the Padre Acúrsio collection (PA), the Aveirana collection (AV), the University of Aveiro theses and dissertations collection (Pac and Pac-CD-Rom), Reserved Rocuments (RS), the Old Book Reserve collection (RS/A), and Special items (FE). American Corner and European Documentation Cente (EDC).


Mediateca (media library)

Located in the Education Department building, the Mediateca houses all the collections dedicated to education, psychology, and related areas. The Mediateca has two open-shelf access reading rooms on two floors, containing books, scholarly journals, and audiovisual materials. On the entrance floor there are three comfortable group study rooms, a copy centre, a computer workstation with free internet access, and the circulation desk (loans desk). On the ground floor can also be found the journal collections as well as the Mediateca stacks.

other UA libraries

1. ISCA UA – Higher Institute for Accountancy and  Administration of Aveiro University
2. ESTGA – Higher School of Technology and Information of Águeda
3. CRC Aveiro-Norte – Network of Knowledge Resource Centres