locate a printed book, an e-book or a scientific journal

printed books

  1. search by subject, author or title in the Library Catalogue;
  2. go to the shelf on the respective floor and get your book
    2nd floor – General (G)
    3rd floor – Humanities (H)
    4th floor – Advanced (A)


  1. search by subject, author or title in the Library Catalogue;
  2. click on the URL field “electronic location”;
  3. the most part of the e-books are supported in aggregation platforms or in the editors web sites, like:
    › Myilibrary
    › Elsevier
    › Springer – for all Springer books published until 2005

electronic journals

  1. choose A to Z where you can find all the electronic journals subscribed by the University of Aveiro.
    You can access full text contents under ua.pt domain.
  2. click on b-on where you can search simultaneously the journal articles from several editors or scientific databases.


Borrow and return books. Renew a loan

borrow books

  1. present the material to be borrowed along with your user card at one of the assistance desks;
  2. keep your borrow ticket and pay attention to the due date;
  3. the Library and Mediateca collections have different lending conditions, according to the type of document;
  4. you can borrow the following documents for 7 days:- 3 books from the main library;
    – 3 books from Mediateca;
    – 3 accompanying materials.

return books

  1. books may be returned to an assistance desk in the Library or Mediateca;
  2. the non-return of books until the due date will incur a fine to be paid to the Library: €0.50 per item, per day. 

renew a loan

  1. items may be renewed at any assistance desk in the Library or in Mediateca;
  2. items may also be renewed via the internet at the following URL: http://naleph.doc.ua.pt/F?func=find-b-0&con_lng=eng;
  3. go to “My Library Card” and fill in the fields with your UU (Universal User) data;
  4. you may make three consecutive renewals, unless there are reservations for the books you have borrowed.


Services in the library reading room

internet access

  1. computers with internet access are available at the Library’s main floor (entrance floor – General);
  2. ask for a computer at the assistance desk and present your user card;
  3. the computers require a UU (Universal User) login within the ua.pt domain;
  4. this service has a time limit of one hour;
  5. as soon as you’ve finished, go to the assistance desk and retrieve your student’s card.

access to office programs, intranet and scanner

  1. there are several computers at the Main Library’s 3rd floor (Humanities) that can be used for working purposes;
  2. these computers can be used freely and there’s no time limit.

print documents

  1. to print documents you need to have a photocopy card. You can buy one in the photocopy room (library’s entrance floor);
  2. the photocopy card costs 1,30€ (card+10 photocopies); 0,03€ each photocopy (reloading);
  3. ask for a computer at the library’s assistance desk or go to the 3rd floor;
  4. send the document to the printer set as default;
  5. go to the photocopy room and insert your photocopy card in the machine close to the computer monitor;
  6. choose your own documents from the computer monitor (double click) and print.

copy documents

  1. you can have a get a copy of a document at the photocopy room (library’s entrance floor);
  2. you buy one photocopy card, paying 1,30€ (card + 10 photocopies) and 0,03€ for each photocopy (reloading);
  3. then insert the card in any photocopy machine and make your copies.

group study rooms

  1. if you need to study with some friends, you can use one of the several rooms at the Library’s 3rd floor that are intended for groups (minimum 3 people);
  2. to use it, you go to the front desk and ask for a room;
  3. you will have to present your student card;
  4. the rooms can be used for a period up to 3 hours;
  5. any room left vacant by all the members of the group, will immediately be used by any other group in the queue.