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A editora Springer disponibiliza para a UA através da b-on, coleções de livros eletrónicos em texto integral nas mais diversas áreas do conhecimento. O acesso está limitado ao domínio UA.PT (campus universitário, escolas politécnicas) e fora deste através da Rede Privada Virtual – VPN.

O link de acesso aos eBooks da Springer é http://www.springerlink.com/books/.

Lista geral dos títulos da coleção “Chemistry and Materials Science” – 2005 a 2009.

Destacamos alguns títulos na área temática “Food Science”, da coleção “Chemistry and Materials Science”:


Fruit Manufacturing
Pulsed Electric Fields Technology for the Food Industry
Sterilization Of Food In Retort Pouches
Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering
Essays in Brewing Science
Food Safety
Technology of Breadmaking
Case Studies in Food Safety and Environmental Health
Rheology of Fluid and Semisolid Foods
Solving Problems in Food Engineering
Organic Food
Food Powders
Introduction to Agricultural Engineering Technology
Mycotoxins in Feedstuffs
Reports on Food Safety 2005
Mycotoxins in Foodstuffs
Micro-Organisms in Foods 6
Foodborne Microbial Pathogens
Molecular Techniques in the Microbial Ecology of Fermented Foods
Genes on the Menu
Chemistry and Safety of Acrylamide in Food
Electronic Irradiation of Foods
Principles of Food Sanitation
Introduction to Wine Laboratory Practices and Procedures
Advances in Food Mycology
Viruses in Foods
PCR Methods in Foods
Utilization of By-Products and Treatment of Waste in the Food Industry
Thermal Processing of Packaged Foods
Experiments in Unit Operations and Processing of Foods
Food Engineering: Integrated Approaches
Careers in Food Science: From Undergraduate to Professional
Electrotechnologies for Extraction from Food Plants and Biomaterials
Meat Biotechnology
Intellectual Property in the Food Technology Industry
Foodborne Parasites

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