O estilo bibliográfico IEEE

Qualquer trabalho de carácter académico ou científico deverá incluir uma identificação das fontes consultadas, realizada através de citações no texto e de uma lista final das respectivas referências bibliográficas.
O estilo IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) é um sistema de citação numérico aplicado nas áreas da eletrónica, tecnologias, computação, energias sustentáveis, comunicação, robótica, engenharias e tecnologias aplicadas.


Como criar referências bibliográficas a partir do estilo IEEE?
Apresentamos de seguida, uma parte do documento “General Manuscript Preparation” do IEEE [1].

A numbered list of references must be provided at the end of the paper. The list should be arranged in the order of citation in text, not in alphabetical order. List only one reference per reference number.
In text, each reference number should be enclosed by square brackets. Citations of references may be given simply as “in [1] …”, rather than as “in reference [1] …”. Similarly, it is not necessary to mention the authors of a reference unless the mention is relevant to the text. It is almost never useful to give dates of references in text. These will usually be deleted by Staff Editors if included.
Footnotes or other words and phrases that are not part of the reference format do not belong on the reference list. Phrases such as “For example,” should not introduce references in the list, but should instead be given in parentheses in text, followed by the reference number, i.e., “For example, see [5].”
Sample correct formats for various types of references are as follows.

[1]    G. O. Young, “Synthetic structure of industrial plastics,” in Plastics, 2nd ed., vol. 3, J. Peters, Ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1964, pp. 15–64.
[2] W.-K. Chen, Linear Networks and Systems. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1993, pp. 123–135.

[3] J. U. Duncombe, “Infrared navigation—Part I: An assessment of feasibility,” IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, vol. ED-11, pp. 34–39, Jan. 1959.
[4]    E. P. Wigner, “Theory of traveling-wave optical laser,” Phys. Rev., vol. 134, pp. A635–A646, Dec. 1965.
[5] E. H. Miller, “A note on reflector arrays,” IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat., to be published.

Articles from Conference Proceedings (published):
[6] D. B. Payne and J. R. Stern, “Wavelength-switched pas- sively coupled single-mode optical network,” in Proc. IOOC-ECOC, 1985, pp. 585–590.

Papers Presented at Conferences (unpublished):
[7] D. Ebehard and E. Voges, “Digital single sideband detec- tion for interferometric sensors,” presented at the 2nd Int. Conf. Optical Fiber Sensors, Stuttgart, Germany, Jan. 2-5, 1984.

[8] G. Brandli and M. Dick, “Alternating current fed power supply,” U.S. Patent 4 084 217, Nov. 4, 1978.

Technical Reports:
[9] E. E. Reber, R. L. Mitchell, and C. J. Carter, “Oxygen absorption in the Earth’s atmosphere,” Aerospace Corp., Los Angeles, CA, Tech. Rep. TR-0200 (4230-46)-3, Nov. 1968.

E. References—Electronic Sources
The guidelines for citing electronic information as offered below are a modified illustration of the adaptation by the International Standards Organization (ISO) documentation system and the American Psychological Association (APA) style. Three pieces of information are required to complete each reference: 1) protocol or service; 2) location where the item is to be found; and 3) item to be retrieved. It is not necessary to repeat the protocol (i.e., http) in Web addresses after “Available” since that is stated in the URL.

Author. (year, month day). Title. (edition) [Type of medium]. volume (issue). Available: site/path/file

[1]    J. Jones. (1991, May 10). Networks. (2nd ed.) [Online]. Available: http://www.atm.com

Author. (year, month). Title. Journal. [Type of medium]. volume (issue), pages. Available: site/path/file
[2] R. J. Vidmar. (1992, Aug.). On the use of atmospheric plasmas as electromagnetic reflectors. IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. [Online]. 21(3), pp. 876–880. Available: http://www.halcyon.com/pub/journals/21ps03-vidmar

Papers Presented at Conferences:
Author. (year, month). Title. Presented at Conference title. [Type of Medium]. Available: site/path/file
[3] PROCESS    Corp.,    MA. deployed behind the firewall for corporate productivity. Presented at INET96 Annu. Meeting. [Online]. Available: http://home.process.com/Intranets/wp2.htp

Reports and Handbooks:
Author. (year, month). Title. Company. City, State or Country. [Type of Medium]. Available: site/path/file

[4]S. L. Talleen. (1996, Apr.). The Intranet Ar- chitecture: Managing information in the new paradigm. Amdahl Corp., CA. [Online]. Available: http://www.amdahl.com/doc/products/bsg/intra/infra/html

Computer Programs and Electronic Documents:
ISO recommends that capitalization follow the accepted practice for the language or script in which the information is given.
[5] A. Harriman. (1993, June). Compendium of genealog- ical software. Humanist. [Online]. Available e-mail: HUMANIST@NYVM.ORG Message: get GENEALOGY REPORT


[1] IEEE Periodicals Transactions/Journals Department. (2007, Mar.). "General Manuscript Preparation".
IEEE Transactions, Journals and Letters: Information for Author. IEEE. Piscataway, NJ. [Online].
Available: http://www.ieee.org/portal/cms_docs_iportals/iportals/publications/authors/transjnl/auinfo07.pdf


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