Cell Reports

A Cell Reports é uma jovem revista científica em acesso livre nas áreas da biologia, tendo o seu primeiro número sido lançado em janeiro de 2012.
Da autoria da Cell Press, editora das revistas científicas Cell, Chemistry & Biology, Trends in Cell Biology, Current Biology, entre outras, indexadas nas bases de dados Web of Science e Scopus, a “Cell Reports will place particular emphasis on shorter, single-point stories, called Reports. This focus comes from an awareness that science moves very fast and that there is a need for a high-profile, open-access place to publish intriguing, cutting-edge material that describes one or two key findings. These Reports are not meant for preliminary findings that are not well supported by the data. Instead, they should represent a significant advance in the field that will drive further research and perhaps even raise more questions than they answer. We will also publish the more typical comprehensive, longer-format papers that Cell Press journals are so famous for. The primary criterion for both these types of papers, as for all Cell Press journals, will be new biological insight. Cell Reports will also have a section for Resources, which describe significant technical advances and/or major informational data sets.


 Sobre a Cell Reports

Sobre a Cell Press:

“Cell Press is committed to improving scientific communication through the publication of exciting research and reviews. As we introduce publications and expand our online content to serve our growing audience, our mission remains to publish and develop journals that deliver the highest possible intellectual rigor, promote community trust, and are widely disseminated. Cell Press primary research journals include the flagship journal Cell. For more information, please visit www.cell.com


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