Patrícia João (CIDTFF), Patrícia Sá (CIDTFF), Maria Helena Henriques & Ana V. Rodrigues (CIDTFF) | Sustainability, 14(9), 5651


This study aims to identify and characterize the understanding of the concept of Sustainable Development in the official scientific educational documents of basic education in Portugal. Methodologically, it is a qualitative study that fits into the interpretive paradigm; its implementation is based on an interpretative-descriptive strategy of exploratory nature. The study involved the organization of the analysis corpus and the subsequent content analysis of the selected documents. The documents included in this corpus are the official educational documents on the teaching and learning of Natural Sciences in Basic Education (1st to 9th grade—ages 6 to 15): the Essential Learning and two transversal documents (the Student Profile on Leaving Compulsory Schooling and the Environmental Education Framework for Sustainability). The obtained results show that these documents frame and guide the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development, in all its dimensions, throughout basic education. However, this does not happen in an equitable way, neither in all documents nor in all years of schooling.

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João, P., Sá, P., Henriques, M. H., & Rodrigues, A. V. (2022). Sustainable Development in Basic Education Sciences in Portugal—Perspective of Official Curriculum Documents. Sustainability, 14(9), 5651.