25 junho, 2024 | 17h00 | Online

As investigadoras do CIDTFF Liudmila Shafirova e Helena Araújo e Sá promovem, no próximo dia 25 de junho, pelas 17h00, o webinar “Plurilingual approach in using videos in the language classroom and beyond”, tendo por base o “Multivid Handbook“.

Inscrições gratuitas, mas obrigatórias.


This webinar aims to support language educators in enhancing plurilingual education at the university level. It is based on the data of the research project “MultiVid: Multilingual video use for plurilingual education at the university level”. The project focuses on:

  • Understanding how students engage with videos in multiple languages outside the classroom;
  • Bridging this informal learning to the language classroom.

This webinar aims to support language educators (focus on young adult education) in leveraging the insights and methodologies from the MultiVid project to enhance plurilingual language practices in the classroom. It provides a structured framework, practical strategies, and a range of activities that foster plurilingual awareness and social media awareness through video practices. By integrating informal learning experiences into formal language instruction, we aim to create a more enriching language learning environment for the students.

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