Vânia Carlos (CIDTFF), Ana Valente Rodrigues (CIDTFF) & Erika Ribeiro (CIDTFF) | The Emerald Handbook of Challenge Based Learning, pp. 363-390


Challenge-based learning (CBL) is assumed to be particularly relevant in training future teachers, as an active learning approach, centered on the student, based on the resolution of scientific/societal challenges in interdisciplinary teams, with external partners, and over three stages (involving, investigating, and act). The global aim of the “Form@tive – train future teachers to teach children through CBL” project is to promote active learning based on challenges, integrating different curricular units (CUs) of a course, through CBL. The Form@tive project has concluded the first cycle of implementation in early 2021, in two stages, the first in the context of a Degree in Basic Education in the academic year 2019/2020 and the second stage in three educational professional master’s degrees. The results of the monitoring process of the first cycle of implementation state, among other aspects, the need: (1) of better communication between the teachers of the different CUs involved; (2) for the solutions developed to be actually implemented (not implemented due to the pandemic situation); (3) to be provided a more individualized orientation (a dedicated tutor for each group); (4) of less demand on teaching load (overload of tasks requested simultaneously); (5) to be developed not only during a semester but along the academic year; and (6) to also include the Technology and Arts filed, since it could benefit the creation of more innovative and appealing resources and presentations, among others. Recommendations for training future teachers to teach children through CBL are, thus, presented and discussed in this chapter.

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Carlos, V., Rodrigues, A.V., & Ribeiro, E. (2022). Training Future Teachers to Teach With Challenge-Based Learning the Form@tive Project. In E. Vilalta-Perdomo, J. Membrillo-Hernández, R. Michel-Villarreal, G. Lakshmi & M. Martínez-Acosta, The Emerald Handbook of Challenge Based Learning (pp. 363-390). https://books.emeraldinsight.com/page/detail/the-emerald-handbook-of-challenge-based-learning/?k=9781801174916