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“Places Under Sky” – Panaite Chifu

Materiais: madeira; Dimensões: 500x740x890cm; Colocação no Campus no ano 2004; Local: Jardim lateral junto ao edifício da Reitoria.

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  1. Bon dia, Sinoras e Sinores !

    Is a big honor for me to have this work , near ‘Reitoria” , to your University., specially because I like the Portuguese nation, I have friends there….we speak a similar language….and we like same kind of ” brincadeiras” …. ” gostu muito fado’….
    Looking to this big art piece, I understand that , in a short time, will be destroyed definitively ! Please try to do something, in the name of the international innocent art collections ! Not for me, or, and for me also. Is a minimal efort ! You have the work and this is not any cost, you can look in my site ( ) and here to see how is the real composition- the little distance differences are not so important to this size – You can protect the wood if paint this with oil mixed with some white-orange color, to be in a good, nice relation with the color of your buildings near. Also, every cube can have under a little hole and concrete , fixed with some painted iron bars( to resist to rains….and to eventual people who are not respecting …). This cubes have and the function to be used staying on, thinking to sky, Universe for your students… so need to be resistant. The normal size of the work is 1000 x 500 x 500 cm. So was the composition when I finished it .
    Initially I ask to organizers, all the work to be installed on a rectangular surface of ” calzada portughesa”-color brown-light brown, simple ), like this, we can have a clear sculpture professionally placed on a nice grass surface, according to your University. What do you say ?!! This will be there for you !
    Thank you very much for your attention, excuse me if I disturbed you .
    Best wishes to you all ! ” Sauda”
    Dear Madam, Miss Susana Lopes, can you, please, give this to University, to : “Reitoria” ? Please save an art work , your art work, my art work! Thank you very much for your kindness ! “Obrigado” ! Best wishes !

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