[NOTA / NOTE: versão traduzida do artigo originalmente publicado a 21 de dezembro de 2023 / translated version of the article originally published on 21 December 2023: Investigadoras do LCD/CIDTFF dinamizam o workshop Hyb-IT-up]

The Hyb-IT-up workshop “Co-design of a framework for implementing hybrid teaching and learning strategies” took place on 19 December in the SALT room. The training, aimed at teachers and researchers in the field of education, was organised by Digital Content Laboratory researchers Ana Balula, Cecília Guerra and Maria João Loureiro.

The project team also includes CIDTFF members António Moreira, Marta Fortunato, Nilza Costa and Rita Tavares.

The Hyb-IT-up project, funded by ERASMUS+ Cooperation Partnerships 2022, supports the use of digital technologies by higher education teachers and students in a pedagogically meaningful way to encourage hybrid learning and teaching. The project aims to develop the design of digital pedagogical materials that enable teachers and students to engage in and enjoy productive learning in a hybrid teaching mode.

It is assumed that the hybrid mode of teaching and learning has become a common teaching method in higher education. This means that teachers need to cultivate specific pedagogical and digital competences in order to plan, implement and evaluate hybrid learning. Not only teachers, but also students need the skills to participate effectively in this new learning environment.

In such challenging situations, for both teachers and students, the aim of the project and workshop is to support them by providing practical but efficient solutions.

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